Security Center – Unified Security Platform

The Security Center blends Genetec's IP license plate recognition (LPR), video surveillance, and access control systems, AutoVu, Omnicast and Synergis, within a single innovative solution.


Break free from running multiple client applications, or working with cluttered desktops. You no longer have to deal with inefficiencies that result from inconsistent workflows and limited integrated functionality.

Instead, you can experience the simple and compelling performance of an ultra-modern solution.


The Security Center offers you a single unified interface designed around simplicity of operation.

The unified security platform will streamline every facet of managing your business, physical security and public safety applications. It's simply that powerful.


AutoVu – IP License Plate Recognition System

Get a simple and automated solution to boost your team's efficiency. AutoVu is the license plate recognition (LPR) system of the Security Center, our unified security platform.


This innovative LPR system automatically collects vehicle plates. If there is a vehicle that you need to know about, the system will alert you. AutoVu is also one of the easiest systems to use and install. So, you don't have to worry about anything.


The AutoVu LPR system is perfect for mobile wanted vehicle identification, and permit or time-limit enforcement. You can also do live monitoring of fixed LPR cameras and real-time alarming of black-listed or wanted vehicles within the Security Center.


Omnicast – IP Video Surveillance System

Get the video surveillance system you always wanted. Omnicast is the IP video surveillance system of Genetec's unified security platform, the Security Center. High-end features transcend the Security Center into Omnicast. Based on the open architecture, Omnicast offers you high-system flexibility. Choose or keep your own hardware, leverage your existing infrastructure, maximize resources available on the network. Anything is possible.


More than that, Omnicast comes with built-in high-system availability and security features. There is no single point of failure. With Omnicast, you can count on having your video surveillance system up and running when you need it most.


Synergis — IP Access Control System

There is an access control solution made specifically for you. It's Synergis. Synergis is the IP access control system of the Security Center, Genetec's unified security platform. All the high-end features and system flexibility within the Security Center are found in Synergis.


Build a new system with next-generation IP edge readers or use IP-enabled door controllers to convert an older system. Handle thousands of access events per second from all over your network. Grow your system to any size, one door at a time. Get multi-site monitoring across your entire organization. Synergis is IP-ready. Are you?



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